Shems Bendali: trumpet/synth
Rodrigo Aravena: bass
Valentin Liechti: drums

An energetic exploration of the boundaries between acoustic and electronic sounds.

Drummer Valentin Liechti creates a moving blend of melody, rhythm and sound that touches the soul, all without the use of harmony instruments. Through his music he dives down into the depths, instead of aiming to assert his presence through breadth.

The three musicians are masters in manipulating and preparing their instruments to create bewitching and hypnotic new sounds:

Rodrigo Aravena’s bass sings in polyphonic harmony, while Shems Bendali’s spherical, pithy trumpet literally stacks sounds on top of sounds through electronics, and Liechti’s delicate, pulsating rhythmic backdrop creates a timeless feel.

The sound world created in this way draws the audience into a surreal, mysterious melancholy that brings out hidden truths and lets the essence of the music shine.

With its ten tracks, the new album “The Bridge Of Hesitation” sails along the horizon of a new jazz and leads the audience through a dreamlike landscape. Recorded and mixed by Manuel Egger and mastered by Dave Cooley (USA), this album is a truly impressive journey into the infinite expanses of jazz and related styles.

Future events

Melissa Aldana: tenor sax
Lage Lund: guitar
Pablo Menares: bass
Kush Abadey: drums

Nils Wogram: trombone
Joris Roelofs: bass clarinet
Seamus Blake: tenor sax
Doug Weiss: bass
Jochen Rueckert: drums

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