Lucia Cadotsch: vocals
Jozef Dumoulin: piano/rhodes
Matthias Pichle: bass
Leif Berger: drums

Lucia Cadotsch is one of the most outstanding voices in the European jazz scene. At the Museum Tinguely, she presents her album «AKI», a moving musical journey through a shimmering world of sound akin to chamber music.

The outstanding singer, with her versatile, gentle voice, transports us into a glittering, fluorescent dream world where emotional and lyrical compositions flow hypnotically through the work. The music floats through mystical, shadowy valleys, epic expanses and over crystal-clear peaks – always surrounded by Cadotsch's coaxing, at times demanding, voice which calmly carries the central theme forwards and simultaneously sparks and satisfies the longing for the unknown. Delicate sounds waft through dense harmonies that sink lightly onto the subtle pillow of rhythm.

With her outstanding quartet, Cadotsch creates an intensely vibrant atmosphere that opens the heart and mind and sharpens the perception. Contemporary jazz that effortlessly combines pop, electronic music, trip-hop, folk and classical music and quietly gleams in the morning mist like a glittering sunbeam.

Paco Andreo: valve trombone
Thibault Gomez: piano/prepared, piano/synthesizer
Étienne Renard: bass
Élie Martin-Charrière: drums

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